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The Angle: Trying Things Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Kavanaugh hearings, the Brazil museum fire, and Steve Bannon and the New Yorker.

Too little, too late? On Tuesday morning, Mark Joseph Stern finally felt like the Democrats in the Senate were doing something—anything!—to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. But without the support of the base, their efforts might be fruitless.


Whoops: Why did the New Yorker invite Steve Bannon to participate in its festival? Ruth Graham thinks institutions like the magazine have yet to come to terms with the fact that festivals and live events, an “increasingly important income stream,” are also sites where a publication’s credibility is on the line.

What a loss: The burning of the National Museum of Brazil on Sunday night is tragic in its own right, but it’s also a symbol of the decline of many of Brazil’s institutions under an economic austerity program, Henry Grabar writes. From health care to education, the country is in trouble.

The sorrow: Scranton, Pennsylvania, native Karen-Elizabeth Moroski is no longer a Catholic, but the latest news of sex abuse scandals has plunged her into mourning, she writes in a beautiful essay about her childhood. Moroski wishes more people would recognize how whole worlds are broken when the church betrays community trust.

For fun: So many cameos.


So many!