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The Angle: Not a Game Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Booker’s revolt, the Athletic, and right-wing trolls visiting Congress.

Not so fun: The back-slapping male bonhomie of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings is really starting to disturb Dahlia Lithwick. “This isn’t a sporting event” for women, Lithwick writes. “This is life or death.”


Finally: Cory Booker took a stand on releasing certain Kavanaugh-related documents today, and though the documents were nothing earth-shattering, it was heartening to see Democrats pushing back, Jeremy Stahl writes.

Have you met the guy?: The appearance of alt-right trolls and conspiracy theorists on Capitol Hill at hearings about social media, bias, and misinformation, Will Oremus writes, was a wake-up call for legislators who found themselves just as turned off by the likes of Alex Jones as we are.

How’s this new?: The Athletic, a website flush with money that’s announced its plans to profit from the decline of print media by poaching sportswriters from local papers, doesn’t seem all that different from its print forebears in tone and content, Aaron Gordon writes.


Remember this later, OK?