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The Angle: Bad Decency Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on civility at the Kavanaugh hearings, Susan Collins’ watershed moment, and good beavers.

Complacent and happy: A few interrupting protestors aside, the Kavanaugh hearings have felt so nice and normal. Dahlia Lithwick has a sinking feeling that our ingrained desire to feel like institutions have things under control is preventing us from acting to stop threats to the rule of law.


Pick a side: Susan Collins is going to be in trouble after she (inevitably) votes for Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Christina Cauterucci writes. Advocacy groups working on reproductive rights are already planning their responses, and even a run for governor in Maine could be difficult for the senator after Kavanaugh turns in a few “brutal” first decisions chipping away at Roe.

Doing his job: On Monday, the president proved—yet again—that his inability to keep quiet is Robert Mueller’s best asset, Will Saletan writes. Put another very good “corrupt intent” tweet in the files.

Why so mad?: Ivanka really doesn’t like to be called “staffer.” Heather Schwedel explains why.


It’s convincing!