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The Angle: Plain Sight Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Trump record, the “Kavanaugh rule,” and an Olive Garden binge.

No need to speculate: Every bit of evidence you need to tie Donald Trump to Russia is in the public record already, Will Saletan writes. “I’ll present the minimum we know about Trump and Russia,” Saletan introduces his case. “The minimum is enough to merit impeachment.”


Neither laws nor norms: Dahlia Lithwick looks at the GOP’s actions around the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and thinks that it’s useless to make accusations of hypocrisy with Merrick Garland on our minds. Republicans’ one and only criterion for seating a judge is that he be nominated by Republicans.

Building it up: A step-by-step comparison between the John Edwards and Donald Trump campaign finance cases, as drawn up by Paul Seamus Ryan, shows that the Trump case is much stronger than the Edwards one ever was—so Trump defenders can stop assuming that “because Edwards wasn’t convicted, Trump’s actions didn’t violate the law.”

A tangle: The New York Times should probably have waited for more evidence before reporting on that white paper connecting Facebook usage and anti-refugee violence in Germany, Felix Salmon writes.

For fun: What it’s like to have an Olive Garden Never-Ending Pasta Pass.


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