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The Angle: Beyond Courtesy Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on NYU’s move, Baron Cohen’s tricks, and Catholic regrets.

Not just polite: Sure, some of Sacha Baron Cohen’s marks are being courteous to a weirdo, Lili Loofbourow writes. But others—given permission by his brasher characters—are pushing the limits of their own awfulness.


Misplaced money: NYU is going to put any and all accepted students through its medical school for free. Yay? No. Jordan Weissmann points out that the decision will likely benefit people who will make tons of money later on in life and don’t need the help.

In mourning: Catholic intellectual Paul Elie tells Isaac Chotiner that Catholics should use “discernment” to process the latest abuse revelations: “What does it mean for me? What does it mean for the victims? What does it mean for us as a Catholic people? What does it mean for our society if Catholic Christianity were sort of amputated from the body politic? We have to think about all those things and then try to look backward and forward at the same time.”

Nightmare fuel: The worst boss stories Alison Green has ever heard.


Quite the tale,