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The Angle: Try Anything Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on bad scientists, Taiwan’s plight, and Republican brazenness.

Why not: The Republican Party acts with a galling level of impunity, writes Osita Nwanevu in the wake of news that the Trump administration is considering enacting another tax cut for the rich, this time without consulting Congress. That just shows how poorly our democracy is faring.


Helpless: China is definitely making moves toward annexing Taiwan, Josh Keating writes. The United States, and other nations that might be supportive of Taiwan, are in a tight spot, with little room to maneuver.

Bad men and their data: How might evidence of scientists’ abusiveness color the way we regard their work? Dan Engber thinks through a tough #MeToo problem.

For fun: Pondering a blueberry Earth.

This scientist, for one, seems delightful,