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The Angle: Kansas Muddle Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Omarosa, sex robots, and Kris Kobach’s spectacular mess.

Naturally: Kris Kobach was the Kansas secretary of state for almost eight years, and it was his job to make sure the state’s election procedures were shipshape, Mark Joseph Stern writes. So of course, because Kris Kobach is a disaster, the aftermath of the Aug. 7 primary contest between him and the state’s incumbent governor has become a comedy of errors.


Fruitless: Does Omarosa have a tape of Donald Trump using the N-word? It doesn’t matter, Christina Cauterucci writes. She’s got no credibility, for one thing. (But the president’s use of the word “dog” to insult her was most definitely racist and sexist, Cauterucci adds.)

Utterly mesmerizing,