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The Angle: Last Hurrah Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on John McCain’s funeral, transracial adoption, and “lady bosses.”

Take that: Obama as eulogist? Warren Beatty and a Russian dissident as pallbearers? All the ways the late John McCain critiqued Donald Trump via memorial service, rounded up by Molly Olmstead.


Could he do it?: Isaac Chotiner speaks with Dave Wasserman about Andrew Gillum’s chances in the Florida gubenatorial race. Suffice it to say, Wasserman is not as optimistic as some.

Who are these people?: Christina Cauterucci investigates how the hot-pink term lady boss got traction in contemporary pop feminism, and wonders why it’s always used to sell you stuff.

First-person: David French’s agonized personal essay in the Atlantic misses a number of truths about transracial adoption that Kaylee Domazalski—of Korean origin; adopted at 6 months old by loving white parents—lives with every day.