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The Angle: Watery City Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Houston after Harvey, a bad dolphin, and Trump’s anti-social personality.

A smaller place: A year after Harvey, people in Houston are grappling with their vision of their city’s future, Henry Grabar reports. Tighter regulation that might result in a diminished city is more popular than ever before.


Never resign: Trump is probably not a narcissist, psychologist John Sommers-Flanagan writes. His problems align more with a diagnosis of anti-social personality, which means he’s a person who will never stop transgressing rules and norms unless forced to do so.

Double standard: Senior scholars’ reactions to the Avital Ronell accusations are very telling, Lili Loofbourow writes. People schooled in diagnosing “complexity” find themselves coming up short when it’s time to extend the courtesy to the less-than-powerful.

Adoption stories: David French’s recent Atlantic essay about the criticisms he’s faced for adopting a child from Ethiopia misses the point when describing critiques from the left, Kathryn Joyce, author of a book on the evangelical adoption movement, writes.