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The Angle: Guilty Cronies Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Cohen and Manafort, Simone Biles, and crap sandwiches.

Fallout Day: Yesterday’s Cohen and Manafort news left us scrambling to process. Lili Loofbourow looks at Trump’s relationship to Michael Cohen, whose loyalty was misguided and ultimately flawed. Isaac Chotiner talks to Jeffrey Toobin about whether Aug. 21 will be a turning point in the Trump saga. And Will Saletan is confident that yes, we will remember yesterday as a day that truth and facts finally came for the president.


Sounds familiar: How often have Trump’s lawyers promised that this is the beginning of the end? Matthew Zeitlin has the timeline.

Pull back: Jed Shugerman thinks any Supreme Court nominee confirmed under a president so legally troubled will cast doubt on the court’s legitimacy. The Brett Kavanaugh appointment needs to be stopped.

Look for it: The “crap sandwich” is a lazy management technique, Alison Green writes, and you’ve probably encountered it at least once.

For fun: Watch Simone Biles fly.


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