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The Angle: Public Tears Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the politics of tariffs, talks with North Korea, and The Bachelor’s finale.

Could be bad: The Republicans could very well suffer in future elections if (or when!) Trump’s recent decision on tariffs turns out to hurt economies in several key states, Will Saletan writes.


No chaos: Liberals love to read stories about the Trump White House’s total confusion, and this past week they had many of them to enjoy. But Ben Mathis-Lilley has seen all this before.

Chance to waste: North Korea’s apparent willingness to talk about its nuclear weapons is a good sign, Fred Kaplan writes. But now we have to trust the Trump administration to handle the talks just right.

New level: The Bachelor’s finale, which aired on Monday night, was fiendishly cruel and compelling, Willa Paskin hates to admit. The show figured out whole new ways to milk the sadness and embarrassment of the competition’s losers.

For fun: A very joyful person named Ibba experienced one very fun A Wrinkle in Time screening.


Sounds great,


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