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The Angle: Good News, Bad News Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on male rage, Trump’s populism, and the morality of Narcan.

Could be worse: Donald Trump’s populism hasn’t fully converted into authoritarianism because, unlike strongmen the rest of the world over, he hasn’t been smart enough to give people some of what they want, Yascha Mounk argues. That’s good—but Mounk isn’t sure our institutions would be strong enough to stop him if he got a clue.


The global reach: Josh Keating tallies up all the other countries Trump and his circle have been accused of contacting improperly, from Turkey to China.

So mad: Trump perfects the art of male rage, and he hires and befriends other people who are fueled by it too. Dahlia Lithwick argues that male rage is the cornerstone of Trumpism.

No second chances: A new paper written by economists argues that naloxone (Narcan) is a “moral hazard.” Jeremy Samuel Faust can’t see any way to construe that argument charitably.

For fun: This was silly.


Super silly,