Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Trump: Orrin Hatch Said I Am Best President in History. Orrin Hatch: Um, Not Quite.

It’s no surprise to anyone that President Donald Trump loves to boast about how great he is. But he seemed to take things to a new level on Thursday when he suggested that some people are saying he’s the best president in American history. He attributed that extreme bit of praise to Orrin Hatch, the longest-serving Republican senator.


“He said once I am the single greatest president in his lifetime, now he’s a young man, so it’s not that much,” Trump told Congressional Republicans at their annual retreat in West Virginia. And apparently it wasn’t enough that the 83-year-old from Utah said that he was the best president in his lifetime. “He actually once said I’m the greatest president in the history of our country,” Trump told the lawmakers in his next breath. “I said, does that include Lincoln and Washington? He said yes.” The commander in chief clearly enjoyed the praise very much: “I said, I love this guy.”

It didn’t take long for that story to be debunked. The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs quickly took to Twitter to report that a spokesman for Hatch explained the senator had said Trump “can be” the greatest president, but never that he actually “is” the greatest president. “Senator Hatch has said that he would like to work with the President to make this the greatest presidency in history for the American people,” a Hatch spokesman said.