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The Angle: 55 Percent Pure Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on a tense Olympics, a boring decision, and a new Purity Test.

Trouble brewing: This year’s Winter Olympics come at a tense time, Josh Keating writes. The political context for these games is unusually high stakes and stressful.


Compensating: Trump’s wish to stage a big military parade only makes him look insecure and weak, Franz Stefan-Gady thinks.

Bo-ring: The news that the creators of Game of Thrones got picked to handle new installments of Star Wars left Sam Adams cold. It’s a safe, simple, expected choice; zzzzz.

What’s your score: Remember the Spark Purity Test? That early internet viral sensation/conversation piece? Christina Cauterucci looks back at the purity test’s bizarre moral universe and offers a 2018 version for you to take.


How, though,