Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of July 9

In a July 12 Slatest, Jeremy Stahl misstated that FBI agent Peter Strzok had been fired. The FBI has put Strzok on notice of its intention to fire him, but it hasn’t fired him yet.


A July 12 Better Life Lab podcast show page misstated Malissa Clark’s academic affiliation. She teaches at the University of Georgia, not the University of Indiana.

In a July 12 Brow Beat, Marissa Martinelli misspelled America Ferrera’s first name.

In a July 12 Users, Heather Schwedel misspelled Mike Sakasegawa’s last name.

In a July 11 Brow Beat, Carmen Russo misspelled Ken Starr’s last name.


In a July 11 Future Tense, Rose Eveleth misstated that a Missouri bill prohibiting the representation of products not derived from harvested production or poultry as meat had not yet become law because the governor had yet to sign the legislation. Then-Gov. Eric Greitens signed the legislation on June 1.

In a July 11 Industry, Will Oremus misstated that Fox News Update is an hourlong program. It is three minutes.

In a July 11 Moneybox, Jordan Weissmann misstated that all U.S. soybean exports were down 22 percent for the year. Only soybean exports to China are down that much.

In a July 11 Sports, Nick Greene misspelled referee Cuneyt Cakir’s last name.


Due to a production error, a July 10 Gist show page was misattributed to Emily Yoffe. The byline was Mike Pesca.

In a July 9 Moneybox, Felix Salmon misattributed a quote about the next year of working at HBO feeling like childbirth to HBO chief Richard Plepler. It was Warner Media boss John Stankey who said that.

In a July 9 Users, Susan Matthews misstated that the Department of the Interior oversees the national forests. The Department of Agriculture oversees the national forests.

In a July 8 Sports, Nick Greene misstated that England lost to Germany in the quarterfinals of the 1996 UEFA European Championship. It was the semifinals.


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