Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of July 2

In a July 6 Slatest, Jeremy Stahl misstated that the number of children separated under Trump administration policies who had not had contact with their parents was 18. The number was reportedly 16. Stahl also misidentified the Department of Health and Human Services as the Department of Human Services.


In a July 5 Slatest, Joshua Keating misidentified Mike Pompeo as the secretary of defense. He is the secretary of state.

In a July 3 Users, Heather Schwedel misstated that Henry Winkler was holding a dead fish in a photo. It is more likely that he was practicing catch and release and threw the live fish back.

In a July 2 Music, Carl Wilson misidentified recent string of albums produced by Kanye West as being recorded in Wisconsin. They were recorded in Wyoming.

Due to an editing error, a June 30 Slate Money show page misidentified the episode number as 214. It is actually Episode No. 215.


Due to an editing error, a June 29 Live at Politics and Prose show page misidentified the episode number as 205. It is actually Episode No. 206.

A June 29 The Gist show page misstated that Jesse Singal’s cover story in the Atlantic comprises 13,000 words. It is about 12,000 words.

In a June 29 Life, Jacqui Shine misstated in which branch of the military Leonard Matlovich served. It was the Air Force, not the Navy.

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