Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Feb. 12

In a Feb. 17 Five-Ring Circus, Josh Levin misstated the dates of the Winter Olympics’ freestyle skiing qualification round and finals. Both events were scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 18 in Korea and due to the time difference were broadcast on Saturday Feb. 17 in the United States.


In a Feb. 16 Better Life Lab, Devin Fergus misstated that law firms, rather than lending firms, could charge annual or monthly rates.

In a Feb. 16 Future Tense, April Glaser misstated the name of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism.

In a Feb. 16 Slatest, Jeremy Stahl misidentified the Federal Election Commission as the Federal Election Committee.

In a Feb. 14 Slatest, Jeremy Stahl misstated that the Columbine mass shooting occurred in 1998. It happened in 1999.


In a Feb. 14 Slatest, Jeremy Stahl misidentified the Miami Herald as the Miami Herald Tribune and Treasure Coast Newspapers as the Treasure Coast Palm Beach Post.

In a Feb. 13 Work, Zuzana Boehmová misstated that workplaces are supposed to give women the ability to pump at work. The Fair Labor Standards Act only requires this accommodation for hourly workers. Boehmová also misstated that children were transported by train in 18th-century France. It was the 19th century.

In a Feb. 12 Metropolis, Henry Grabar misidentified the piece of the electric bicycle beneath the seat. It is a computer, not a motor. The article also mischaracterized the company’s offer. The $150 per month payment is a financing option, not a lease.

In a Feb. 12 Moneybox, Henry Grabar misstated the amount of time that had elapsed since the State of the Union speech. It was two weeks, not one week.


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