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The Angle: Open Secret Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Rob Porter, German parents, and Nordic skiing.

They knew: His two ex-wives discussed Rob Porter’s history of domestic violence with confidantes, counselors, and FBI agents. Porter still got interim security clearance and a White House position. To Dahlia Lithwick, it’s the ultimate proof of this administration’s disdain for women.

Impossible: A new book about the cool, fun way Germans raise their kids brings American parent Rebecca Schuman, feeling trapped in our overprotective, car-centric paradigm, almost to tears.


It’s time: Now that corporations are making more money, shouldn’t they start ponying up for more than the meager 1 percent of child care costs they currently cover? Brigid Schulte would like to see it happen.

Faster than a schoolchild: Avid Nordic skier Sam Evans-Brown would like to take a minute to defend his sport against the ravages of silver-tongued essayists.

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