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The Angle: Good Bowl Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Trump’s disciples, mindfulness, and the Super Bowl.

Good night for some: On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles won what Justin Peters proclaims to be the sixth-best Super Bowl ever (and he should know). Tom Brady did a great job, despite losing, Nick Greene observes. (Maybe now he’ll eat a strawberry?) The ads were good. The ads were bad. Justin Peters has highlights. April Glaser listened to the Philadelphia police scanner: People were going off. And Netflix did a probably-very-smart thing with its postgame release of The Cloverfield Paradox, Sam Adams writes—though the movie itself was terrible.


Flotsam and jetsam: Here come the Republican candidates of 2018, talking Trumpishly and polling well. Jamelle Bouie points out that their existence proves Trump wasn’t an anomaly.

Terrified: Why are traders made skittish by news about rising wages? Jordan Weissmann explains.

Forget about it: Sarah Yahm got prescribed “mindfulness” to ease her chronic pain. She found out she wasn’t alone.


Those Icelandic cheeks,


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