News That Makes Us Wanna Wail: Nickelodeon Has Ordered New Episodes of Blue’s Clues

You might want to sit down for this announcement, preferably in your Thinking Chair: Nickelodeon has announced that it will revive Blue’s Clues, the beloved educational children’s show that aired from 1996 to 2006.


Nickelodeon Group president Cyma Zarghami told Variety that the network has ordered 20 new episodes of the series and that the revival will mostly stay true to the original format, though they will “tweak the show very slightly for modern viewers.” The titular dog, Blue, for instance, appears more three-dimensional than she used to, for an effect that producer Angela Santomero called “even furrier and more huggable.”

Blue’s makeover aside, the real question is, who will host? Variety reports that the search is still on. Former host Steve Burns might have something to say about that: On Instagram, he posted the news with the caption, “Hold my beer.”

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