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Hollywood Pitches In: Fred Durst Is Directing a Movie Starring John Travolta

With everything that’s going on, sometimes it can seem like somebody should do something, one way or the other. Even Hollywood isn’t immune from these accusations! But Tuesday, Variety reported that Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is directing a semi-autobiographical movie entitled Moose, starring John Travolta. Everybody has to do their part, after all, and Durst and Travolta are stepping up in a major way.


This isn’t just another case of big Tinseltown talk and no Tinseltown action, either: Moose has already begun principal photography in Alabama! Durst, who co-wrote the screenplay with Dave Bekerman, based the film on events in his own life, proving he’s willing and able to put himself on the line when necessary. Devon Sawa is helping out, too: he’ll be playing a “celebrity action hero” (and Fred Durst stand-in) pursued by Travolta’s character, an obsessed fan. Ambi Media Group is producing.

It’s not the first time the United States has relied on the Limp Bizkit singer: when things got tough back in 2007 and 2008, Durst contributed two feature films to the effort, The Education of Charlie Banks and The Longshots. During the Obama years, he returned to his plow like Cincinnatus. Now, in our hour of need, Durst is answering his country’s call once again—and he’s bringing John Travolta with him! It just goes to show that despite all the problems, Hollywood U.S.A. is still the entertainment capital of the world.

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