Get Out’s Finale Brought an Awe-Struck Chance the Rapper to His Feet, According to Jordan Peele

Get Out took home three of the top awards from the African-American Film Critics Association on Wednesday (Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor), and while accepting one of the honors, director Jordan Peele amused the audience with tales of his favorite reactions to the film. Perhaps none was more dramatic (and hilarious) than that of Chance the Rapper, who attended a screening of the film with friends right around the time of its release last year. [Spoilers below, in case you somehow still have not yet seen the film.]

“You know, there’s so much tension in the movie, so much stress to put the audience through. By the time [Daniel Kaluuya] starts getting out, it’s cathartic. When he gores Bradley Whitford with those antlers, Chance and his friends just stood up,” Peele said as he outstretched his arms and clapped in a re-enactment of the rapper’s pose. “They stood for the rest of the film.”


Notably, Chance was so taken by the movie that he bought up all the tickets at a Chicago theater for a day just so his fans could experience it themselves, free of charge. Watch the video below for more of Peele’s favorite reactions. Get Out is nominated for four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

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